Professional,very knowledgeable on electrical, plumbing, havc, and structural state codes and regulations, takes the proper amount of time to go over every thing and fully explain all findings.

Jared S. in Havelock, NC

Inspect a Home

They were on time. JP was very thorough. I received the completed report very quickly. Good overall experience.

Michael H. in Beaufort, NC

Inspect a Home

These guys are very professional contractors which will not just settle in completing an inspection for the sake of the money however will ensure that you receive a very thorough inspection. For example, I had called him in for an inspection and upon his arrival we found that the builder had not completed many things within the home to the point that it was pointless to continue so we contacted the builder in order to rectify the issues. From my understanding there are contractors that would of completed the inspection (not inspecting the end product). Davies contracting Will take care of you 

David M. in Hubert, NC