Multi Family Unit Remodel Services

Maximize Your Property’s Potential with Davies Contracting

Multi-family units, from vacation homes to duplexes and condominiums, offer unique challenges and opportunities in remodeling. At Davies Contracting, we harness our deep-rooted expertise in Morehead City, Emerald Isle, NC, and the surrounding areas to transform these spaces, ensuring they cater to modern living while maximizing return on investment.

Our Multi Family Unit Remodeling Services

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes are all about relaxation and comfort. We remodel these spaces to enhance their appeal, ensuring they serve as perfect getaways for families and tourists alike. From open-concept living areas to serene bedrooms, we bring a touch of luxury to every corner.


Duplexes offer a unique blend of shared and private spaces. Our team ensures that each unit is not only functional but also boasts of individual character, making them attractive for renters and homeowners.


Condominiums, often located in prime urban areas, require a blend of style and space optimization. We specialize in remodeling condos to maximize space, light, and functionality, ensuring they stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Why Choose Davies Contracting for Multi Family Unit Remodels?

Our understanding of the local real estate market, combined with our remodeling expertise, positions us as the go-to contractor for multi-family unit remodels. We prioritize communication, ensuring property owners and stakeholders are involved at every step, from design to execution.

Transform Your Multi Family Units Today

If you’re looking to elevate the appeal and value of your multi-family properties, Davies Contracting is here to assist. Contact us at (252) 474-2123 or visit our office in Morehead City. Together, let’s create spaces that resonate with modern living and offer a competitive edge in the market.